August Safety Focus: Labeling



The CPSPE Safety Team met in July and one of the safety concerns we discussed was the lack of labeling chemicals in the hoods. Please focus this month on labeling your chemicals in the hood. This is in addition to shutting the sash at all times you are away from your hood. We will be reviewing the hoods for labels, and because it is a CPSPE safety rule, it is subject to the Student Safety Violation Policy.

Our CPSPE Safety Rules #11 states, “All chemicals need to be labeled within the hood at all times.”

Labeling makes the lab safer by:

  1. Alerting everyone who may use the hood or works near the hood to the chemicals being used.
  2. Helps Safety personnel know what is in the hood in the case of an emergency.
  3. If something is accidentally spilled in the hood, it is easier to figure out what it is and the associated hazards.
  4. Labeling is a form of a “CAUTION” sign in the hood or around the lab.
  5. More information and awareness of hazards in the lab creates a safer environment for everyone.

Make it a Safer Day!

Diana Woolf
Safety Officer
College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering
The University of Akron
T: 330-972-7478
F: 330-972-5290