IMG_1902This year the Akron Global Polymer Academy is wrapping up October with a full week of polymer-related Halloween fun!

On the 21st, Moebius Nature Center in Aurora hosted a Spooky Science Program with Mr. Science, also known as John Fellenstein, the content specialist for the Akron Global Polymer Academy (AGPA). Fellenstein coordinates and executes outreach events like this to teach young kids about polymers and get them excited about science. During this program, Mr. Science and the kids had fun with projects like spooky slime, ghost in a bottle, and flaming and exploding pumpkins.

After an explosive weekend, Mr. Science became Mr. Fellenstein again to catch up with former RET participant Nello Cotugno. The summer Research Experience for Teachers program is a great way for teachers to increase their knowledge of topics such as polymer science and polymer engineering, and enables them to take what they have learned back to the classroom. Cotugno is a chemistry teacher at Padua Francisca in Parma, and had developed a new lesson plan during this summer’s RET. Fellenstein got to listen in on that lesson plan and witness its success firsthand with the students.

IMG_1906Next up, Fellenstein will visit the Warner Girls’ Leadership Academy to run another spooky science outreach day. This event will take place on Friday the 27th and will consist of several fun Halloween-related experiments and activities, all designed to get the kids excited about science. Activities like these are so important for a school of young girls; promoting STEM early in education can help get more women into STEM-related careers.

Finally, Fellenstein will wrap up the week with two more former RET participants during a Spooky Science Family Night. Chemistry teacher Steven Wood and engineering teacher Todd Alkire are educators at North Canton Hoover High School, which is holding its Spooky Science Family Night on October 30th. These family nights are a long standing tradition within the AGPA; they are deigned to bring kids of all ages and their parents together to learn and encourage curiosity using hands-on activities.

Events like these aren’t just tons of fun for kids and their parents- they promote science and polymers to young students as well. If you want to know exactly how incredible polymers can be, you can come to Spooky Science Night and see for yourself.