New Lecture Series Named in Honor of the Late Professor James Lindsay White


The University of Akron’s Department of Polymer Engineering (DPE) has launched a new lecture series named in honor of the late Professor James Lindsay White, who founded the DPE.

Professor White passed away in 2009 at the age of 71 and is remembered by former students, peers, and colleagues as an incredibly important figure both to The University of Akron and the world of science at large.

Some of Professor White’s many contributions included the founding of two scientific journals, The Journal of Polymer Engineering and The International Polymer Processing Journal, as well as The International Polymer Processing Society, a professional society that holds two conferences each year across the globe. In addition to the Department of Polymer Engineering here at UA, White is recognized as the founder of the polymer engineering program at The University of Tennessee where he first began his teaching career. He authored more than 500 scientific publications and eight books during his lifetime.

The James L. White Lecture Series, which commences this fall, will start with two lectures presented by Professor Tom McLeish of Durham University. The first lecture titled “Designer Rheology by Engineering with Macromolecules: From Double-Bonds To Die-Swell” will be presented at the Polymer Engineering Academic Center at 2 pm on October 19th. The talk will follow 20 years of progress in manufacturing and processing with a focus on long chain branched melts, which is a topic that Dr. White contributed to significantly.

The second lecture, which will be held at the Goodyear Polymer Center at 11 am on October 20th, is titled “On the Trail of Topological Fluids: What Do We Mean By ‘Polymer Entanglements’” and will focus on entanglements in polymer melts.

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