Polymer Engineering welcomes Ruel McKenzie to CPSPE


cpspe-faculty-mckenzieThe Department of Polymer Engineering is pleased to welcome Assistant Professor Ruel McKenzie to The University of Akron’s College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering.

Dr. McKenzie received his education at Columbia University and New York University-Tandon School of Engineering, where he earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Dr. McKenzie has since been an adjunct professor, a postdoctoral researcher, and a fellow at the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Dr. McKenzie’s research efforts are focused on molecular mobility, especially in polymer systems, and its effects on macroscopic behavior. Understanding this will not only be helpful in developing and improving polymer processing systems, it will also be key in identifying applications. This can be useful in engineering structures, properties, or functions. Dr. McKenzie’s research is primarily experimental, aimed at a phenomenological understanding of polymeric behavior. Under this umbrella his research can be defined as: polymer dynamics, multifunctional materials, and enabling complex structures.

“Dr. McKenzie adds rheology expertise that we currently lack in our department,” said Department Chair Professor Sadhan Jana. “Although his main focus will be experimental study, he is conversant in theory and modeling, which is a plus for a beginning investigator. In this context, it is refreshing to note that he is considering a set of new problems for his research program that involve direct correlation between polymer behavior and design of complex structures. Dr. McKenzie is already developing collaborative research efforts with other research groups in the department. This is a big plus in this day and age of a collaborative world.”

The addition of Dr. McKenzie to our faculty is an exciting change in our college and a benefit to our research. Welcome to CPSPE, Dr. McKenzie.