BASF Tour Introduces Students to Industry Safety Standards



Safety Officer Diana Woolf has been a guiding force in bringing industry-standard safety measures to our facilities, but this week she brought CPSPE to the industry.

On January 22nd, CPSPE students toured the BASF Catalysts LLC labs in Beachwood, Ohio to learn about safety culture in professional environments. BASF stands for “Baden Aniline and Soda Factory,” and is a leading supplier in environmental and process catalysts. BASF offers expertise on technology that involves the making of plastics and chemicals, among other products.

Woolf arranged the tour with the intent “to show the students what is expected in industry, how they focus on promoting a safe culture and what is expected as an employee to maintain safety.” Those who participated learned about the importance of a clean lab, how to identify potential safety issues, and the benefits of working for an institution that maintains high safety standards, among many other aspects of building a successful safety culture.

CPSPE truly appreciates anything that helps make our students and faculty safer. Thanks to BASF for providing the tour and to Diana Woolf for facilitating it.