AGPA welcomes Women In Engineering campers


DSC_0778-8x12xWebSummer camp season on the University of Akron campus is in full swing, and the Akron Global Polymer Academy has been busy helping make these experiences memorable for the visiting campers.

Last Thursday, June 14, the high school Women In Engineering (W.I.E.) campers visited the Polymer Engineering Academic Center for a polymer engineering session with AGPA. Among other activities, campers tried to determine the optimal ratio of a cross linking chemical (borax) to make polymer putty with the best stretch properties.

The middle school W.I.E. polymer engineering session took place Monday, June 18. These future STEM leaders examined the properties of cross-linked putty using two different polyvinyl polymers; polyvinyl alcohol, and polyvinyl acetate. Tests conducted on each of the samples helped determine rebound, flow, and stretching ability.