Polymer Outreach Sponsors Akron Mini Maker Faire


An attendee makes AGPA Poly Putty with John Fellenstein

They call it the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth; it’s a one-of-a-kind venue that showcases creativity, technology, and ingenuity. It’s the Maker Faire, a gathering of inventors, educators, artists, and engineers. “Makers” of all kinds can come together to share what they have created and teach anyone who is willing to learn. There isn’t just one- they pop up in cities all over the country, in countries across the globe. With 3 flagship fairs and over 100 mini-fairs, anyone and everyone can attend and learn from a Maker Faire in their community, and this week the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering got to be a part of that winning formula.

Kids gather around the AGPA table to create their own AGPA Poly Putty

On Saturday, November 11, the Main Akron Library held the Akron Mini Maker Faire for any bright and curious people to show off their work and interact with like-minded others. Sponsored by the Akron Global Polymer Academy, this part-science-fair, part-county-fair event featured Peaceful Fruits, a company that provides wholesome snacks from the rain forest and peninsula, Rubber City Prints, and the Sci Tech Egg Drop. AGPA’s booth featured information about the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors and hands-on activities. Visitors were able to investigate the “Miracle Fortune Teller Fish," a small plastic fish that wiggles and flips your fortune when it sits in the palm of your hand, and make their very own AGPA Poly Putty, a gooey polymer substance that’s fun for any age.

Venues like these are perfect for the Akron Global Polymer Academy, an organization dedicated to encouraging young students’ curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math. AGPA frequently sponsors events featuring hands-on educational activities and spark students’ curiosity and creativity, which makes it clear that the Akron Mini Maker Faire and the Akron Global Polymer Academy are a perfect fit.