Polymer College to Host Ohio Federal Research Network’s First Meeting of the Minds


npicOn July 13th, the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) will be holding the first formative meeting for the special interest group regarding organic polymer technologies and products at The University of Akron's National Polymer Innovation Center (NPIC) and Polymer Engineering Academic Center.

OFRN is an organization whose mission is to stimulate Ohio's economy by connecting researchers, business leaders, the commercial sector and other members of the community to create new projects, more jobs, and new investments for Ohio.

In line with this mission, OFRN is forming special interest groups (SIGs) that will highlight technology practices and research methods based in Ohio’s university communities. Each SIG will be anchored in a specific technological practice. The first of these SIGs will be moored in polymer technology, a specialty here at the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering.

peac-bgDave Crain, from OFRN’s Commercialization and Workforce Development support center, said of the SIGs: “We felt forming special interest groups around key Ohio technology sectors made a lot of sense to help further networking and collaboration among technology creators, funders and consumers Statewide… Given the broad reach of polymer technology in Ohio, recognized concentrations of research in both Northern and Southern Ohio and within OFRN, along with strong commercialization both existing and underway – we felt it was a good place to start exploring interest in our SIG concept.”

The event’s attendees will include researchers and business leaders who would like to learn more about current and future polymer technology. The event will feature a poster session, tour of NPIC and several speakers, among whom will be Dr. Sadhan Jana, chair of the Department of Polymer Engineering at UA.

“Ultimately,” Crain said, “OFRN’s threefold mission is to grow our research talent base statewide, attract outside public and private investment, and retain/create new high-paying jobs in Ohio. Our hope is these SIGs will further those goals within the Ohio Polymer sector.” What better place to go for furthering goals in the polymer sector than The University of Akron?

As a major hub of polymers in Akron, our college is proud to be hosting such an event. CPSPE faculty features one of the highest concentrations of polymer knowledge and expertise in the world. The ability to connect with industry professionals, researchers, and business leaders will lead to many opportunities for Akron and for Ohio in the future.