UA’s Sport Science Academy and Akron Global Polymer Academy team up for STEM in Sport Camp


Last week, the School of Sport Science and Wellness Education: Sport Science Academy (SSA) hosted a 3-day STEM in Sport camp that had their participants learning about the concepts of STEM that are embedded in the world of sports.

The campers participated in activities that helped to answer questions like: “What is the best angle to throw an object?” “Why is a basketball made of rubber?” “Why does the spin on a ball make a difference?” and “Why should we step into a bounce pass in basketball?” The activities were hands-on, active learning stations that demonstrated such concepts as biomechanics, physics, statistics, geometry, aerodynamics, technology and engineering.

The Akron Global Polymer Academy collaborated with the SSA to educate the participants on how polymers are used in sport. Campers learned about the properties of materials used in sports equipment, and the group was given a task of determining which cross-linked polymer putty ball, of two different glue compositions, would provide the best rebound when dropped from a designated height. Campers cross-linked their polymers and then tested the rebound effect to determine the optimum mixture for their intended use.

Interested in learning more about SSA’s youth sport camps? Visit their website here.