2018 Polymers Appreciation Day Student Poster Winners Announced!


DSC_0504-WebCongratulations Nicholas Teo (left), Adam Woods (center), and Fang Peng (right) on being selected as the top 3 entries of the LORD Corporation student poster competition at this year’s Polymers Appreciation Day for Alumni & Industry!

Nicholas’ poster was titled “Synthesis of polyimide aerogel microparticles using a surfactant-free process” and his advisor is Dr. Jana.

Adam’s poster was titled “Exploring Additive Manufacturing by Combinatorial Library and High-Throughput Measurements” and his advisor is Dr. Amis.

Fang’s poster was titled “Tough, High Impact Resistant 3D Printed Objects from Core-Shell Filaments” and his advisors are Drs. Vogt and Cakmak.

Each winner received an iPad supported by the generosity of LORD Corporation.

Thank you to all students who participated and attended this great event.