CPSPE Welcomes NPIC Microscopy Instrumentation Scientist


feng-jiansheng-020719-webDr. Jiansheng Feng is starting a new position at UA as an Instrumentation Scientist for the National Polymer Innovation Center and will be overseeing much of the microscopy equipment.

He studied Materials Science at the University of Science and Technology of China, then he got his Ph.D. in Physics at UMass Amherst and went on to do a postdoc in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. After that, he worked as a material engineer at Triton Aerospace LLC in the Pacific Northwest, before moving to Ohio and joining UA two years ago as a research scientist. His research interests include nano-engineering, microfluidics, heat transfer, and open-source technology.

Jiansheng enjoys hiking and is excited to explore the rock-climbing scene in the Midwest.

Please join us in welcoming Jiansheng to our college!