Dr. Sadhan Jana Invited to Deliver 33rd Kamath Memorial Lecture in India


Jana-CrossedArmsDr. Sadhan Jana is Chair of the Department of Polymer Engineering and a recognized researcher and educator. While he began his academic career here in the United States, Dr. Jana received his first two degrees in Chemical Engineering from two universities in India. Now, the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers has invited Dr. Jana back to his country to deliver the 33rd Aker Powergas’s Prof. N.R. Kamath & Mrs. Ruzena Kamath Memorial Lecture at its annual conference.

The event is called Chemcon, and every December it welcomes the best and brightest of minds from around the globe to come together. The 2017 Chemcon will be held in Haldia, India. The four-day convention consists of panels, discussions, seminars, memorial lectures and more, ensuring that chemical engineers and experts in allied fields can experience national and international interactions.

The Kamath Memorial Lecture, one of three endowment lectures at the conference, will be delivered by Dr. Jana. He will deliver his talk on “Changing Landscape in Polymer Research: the Role of Chemical Engineers.” As a tribute to Professor Kamath’s early research work on shellac and significant contributions to the field of chemical engineering, this talk will elaborate on the future of polymer research and why chemical engineers, among other disciplines, are strategically better positioned to lead the field. Dr. Jana also plans to hold an information session at this conference for the undergraduate student attendees about the Akron Masters Program, graduate program, and professional MS program during the event.

The Akron Masters Program (AMP) is a 5-year international program that allows a student to receive both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, first by studying at their home institution for three years and then studying here at The University of Akron. Schools in China and Taiwan have begun to participate in this program, and it is only growing.

CPSPE would like to congratulate Dr. Jana on being invited to India by the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, and say thank you for sharing information about this program, CPSPE, and the future of chemical engineering during his lecture at Chemcon this December.