January Safety Focus: Chemical Inventory and Storage



The January Safety Focus is Chemical Inventory and Storage. Please take a look at your chemical storage and inventories this month.

Here is a link to a short article on chemical inventory which quickly explains refrigeration, chemical storage organization and labeling: https://www.chemservice.com/news/2014/07/best-practice-for-laboratory-chemical-storage/

For further information on The University of Akron chemical inventory database please see the information to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. Please contact me if I can assist you in any way. We have several labs that have very organized chemical storage that we can look at.


How do I update inventory?

Before you can begin to update your hazardous material inventory, you will need to view a video detailing the steps to properly update your inventory.

The training video is located at the EOHS website and is available in flash format.

To view the video, navigate to http://eohs.uakron.edu.  Select Services > Chemical > Hazardous Materials Inventory Training Video. Please note that you MUST have flash player installed on your pc to view the video.

How can I obtain a username and password for accessing the database?

Navigate to http://eohs.uakron.edu. Select Services > Chemical > Request a login for the Hazardous Materials Database.

Once we have received your information, we will contact the area's responsible party to verify that you have been assigned to update inventory. Upon verification, we will email you your login information. The email address MUST be a University of Akron email account. Requests from other email accounts (e.g., Gmail) will be discarded.

Where can I obtain written instructions for updating the database?

Written instructions can be found on the EOHS website:

Navigate to http://eohs.uakron.edu. Select Services > Chemical > Hazardous Materials Database Reference Sheet.

How can I obtain a printed version of the inventory in my lab?

Send an email to janice3@uakron.edu to obtain a copy of your lab’s inventory in PDF format.

Chemical or inventory specific questions should be directed to Dr. Mike DeBord at EOHS (7766).

Make it a Safer Day!

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