December Safety Focus: Emergency Scenarios



The CPSPE safety team came up with this month’s safety focus!  This month I will schedule to present a short emergency scenario during group meetings.  This will take approximately 20 minutes and  we will review what to do if an emergency occurs in your work area.  I will work with each faculty member to accommodate their scheduling needs.

We have had 10 incidents that were reported in 2017 with 4 injuries: finger laceration, acid burn, blast lacerations and an inhalation injury.

There are 8 recurrent issues contributing to accidents that have occurred since 2015: 

  1. Not wearing personal protection gear (lab coat / safety glasses).
  2. Lack of SOP’s and training.
  3. Deficient understanding of Emergency Procedures.
  4. Failure to read/understand an SDS.
  5. Failure to follow the basic lab safety rules.
  6. Going to the hospital in personal vehicles.
  7. Working alone.

Let’s start now and make it a Safer 2018!!

Diana Woolf
Safety Officer
College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering
The University of Akron
T: 330-972-7478
F: 330-972-5290