November Safety Focus: Update Lab Emergency Information Forms



It has been almost 2 years since we updated the mandatory laboratory emergency contact information. This information provides a recognized and easily understood system for identifying specific hazards in the labs. It also provides pertinent information for emergency personnel. This safety focus should take 1 person from each group 5-10 minutes to complete. I would like all forms to be returned to me by Nov. 30th. Thank you.


  1. Use this form to update the contact and/or hazard information.
  2. Send the completed form back to me  
  3. I will print off and post on your lab doors.
  4. One form per lab must be sent back to me. 
  5. Please utilize all areas of the form, drop downs, check boxes and fill ins. 
  6. Emergency contact numbers should be daytime and after hours numbers.
  7. If you have any questions please contact me. 

See below for the hazard level definitions:



Make it a Safer Day!
Diana Woolf
Safety Officer
College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering
The University of Akron
T: 330-972-7478
F: 330-972-5290