Cavicchi and Pugh named 2019 ACS Fellows


Cavicchi-WebThe College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering is pleased to announce that Dr. Kevin Cavicchi, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Polymer Engineering, and Dr. Coleen Pugh, Professor of Polymer Science, have been selected as members of the 2019 class of Fellows of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

The fellows program recognizes ACS members for outstanding scientific and professional achievements, and the 2019 ACS Fellows will be honored at a special ceremony during the ACS National Meeting & Expo in San Diego, California on Monday, August 26, 2019.

For his contributions to science and the ACS Community, Dr. Cavicchi was recognized for merging classical concepts in materials science, chemistry and polymer engineering to develop new approaches to nanostructured materials, namely shape morphing elastomers, and novel ion-containing polymers. As a member and chair of the Membership committee for over ten years, he implemented the POLY-PMSE Student Chapters, fostered new initiatives to reach and retain members, and led educational outreach activities.

cpspe-faculty-pughDr. Pugh was recognized for her contributions to synthetic polymer chemistry, including liquid crystalline polymers, controlled radical polymerizations, biodegradable polymers, fluorinated polymers, polymers from renewable sources, and polymers with arene-perfluoroarene pi-pi stacking interactions. She has also displayed exemplary service to the ACS polymer community through the organization of symposia at regional and national ACS meetings, mentorship and promotion of equity and inclusion in STEM, and public outreach.

Congratulations Dr. Cavicchi and Dr. Pugh on your outstanding achievement. Click here for more information about the ACS Fellows Program.