Goodyear Polymer Center teaching labs receive renovations


The teaching laboratories in the Goodyear Polymer Center received a much welcomed revamping, as part of a larger UA renovation project funded by the State.

Brand new cabinetry was installed with self-closing drawers and a more modern color scheme including fun lime-green stools. Countertops were constructed without dividers as part of an effort to open the spaces and increase visibility throughout the lab. Lighting was completely redone with LED fixtures, which will increase the total illumination of the space while also reducing the electrical draw required to light it. In conjunction with the chemical hoods installed in 2015 as part of an energy efficiency project, the teaching labs have now been fully revamped.

Our new chemical-resistant floors will hold up to the foot traffic in these labs, which includes students within the Department of Polymer Science’s graduate and Accelerated Masters programs, as well as undergraduates from other programs, and even K-12 activities such as Upward Bound Math and Science and some of the College’s own science outreach programs.

The UA renovations are also currently taking place in Sydney Olson Research Center, with major changes to two common teaching labs used by the Department of Polymer Engineering. Construction in those spaces should complete later this semester; please check back for their big reveal!