December Safety Focus: Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program



We must eliminate the use of mercury thermometers in the labs. CPSPE Operations/Safety will provide an exchange for your mercury thermometers at no cost to the research group while supplies last. I will have the following thermometers available beginning December 16th if not sooner:

-10 to 260° C total immersion blue spirit filled
-20 to 150° C total immersion red spirit filled

Video which shows Mercury Vapors:

What are the benefits of switching to non-mercury thermometers?

  • Mercury from broken thermometers presents a hazard for faculty, staff, and students in laboratory areas.
  • Mercury also presents a hazard to the local environment, if broken thermometers in sinks eventually end at the sanitary sewer plant.
  • Broken mercury thermometers create hazardous waste that is costly to clean up. It can cost thousands of dollars to clean up a broken thermometer.
  • Effective non-mercury thermometers are available.
  • Non-mercury thermometers can be used in incubators, water bath, or other applications where mercury thermometers have been traditionally used.
  • Most non-mercury thermometers are certified by the National Institute of Standard and Technology or the National Committee for Clinical laboratory Standards to meet accuracy requirements.

Make it a Safer Day!
Diana Woolf
Safety Officer
College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering
The University of Akron
T: 330-972-7478
F: 330-972-5290