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Dr. Mark Foster honored by peers

Dr. Mark Foster, the Thomas A. Knowles Professor in the Department of Polymer Science, has been elected as an American Physical Society Fellow.

Tune in Thursday, 10/11, to hear Dr. Nita Sahai on ‘Exploradio Origins’

Dr. Nita Sahai, the Ohio Research Scholar Professor in the Department of Polymer Science, will be featured this Thursday, Oct. 11, on “Exploradio Origins,” a “weekly series that ponders some of the biggest questions in the universe in 90 seconds.”

Collaborative Research by UA Scientists selected as ACS Editors’ Choice

Scientists from four departments at The University of Akron recently collaborated on research that was reported in an article submitted to ACS Publications. Not only was this article accepted in Macromolecules, but it was also selected to be featured in ACS Editors’ Choice based on recommendations by ACS Journals’ editors.

University of Akron professor emeritus to receive 2019 Charles Goodyear Medal

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—A professor emeritus at the University of Akron will be the next recipient of the Charles Goodyear Medal, the highest honor given by the ACS Rubber Division.

Roderic Quirk, an emeritus distinguished professor of polymer science at the University of Akron, was announced as the medalist during the first day of the Rubber Division's International Elastomer Conference, being held Oct. 9-11 in Louisville.

October Safety Focus: Lab Safety Checks

I will be back in the labs this month leaving these notices to give you a thumbs up or to make corrections. Any violations you receive will need to be corrected immediately. Time to clean up the work spaces and focus on safety in the labs!

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