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Akron Regional Science Olympiad

March 10, 2018

Akron Regional Science Olympiad


CLICK HERE to sign up online to volunteer

Thank you for your interest in the Akron Regional Science Olympiad!

  • Lunch included! Personalized certificate of volunteer hours provided too.
  • We need timers, test graders, device inspectors and help with logistics. We have spots for 2, 3, 4 and 8 hour volunteers.
  • The 46 events are run all across campus, all day and cover many different science and technology disciplines.
  • Despite our enthusiasm for Science and other STEM topics, you don't need to be a science expert to contribute and have fun.
  • University of Akron Merit Program: If you are a UA student, with your permission, we will record your volunteer effort with the University of Akron Merit Program.
    • To participate, please provide your UA ID when you register on-line.
    • The UA Merit Program "gives you the recognition you deserve for the great achievements you make."
    • NOTE: In order to participate in the Merit Program, your MyAkron FERPA privacy setting must be set to “unrestricted”. You can review or change this setting by logging into MyAkron and navigating to: Student Center > Personal Information > Other Personal Information > Privacy Settings. Please read the information on these screens carefully and make an informed decision on your privacy settings. Changing this setting on MyAkron is a “Change All” type change and affects many other university programs (not just UA MERIT).

If you have specific scientific interests, check out our list of events before signing up below:

  • Science Olympiad List of Events:
    For more information and descriptions of Science Olympiad events, please click the following link:
    Short Event Descriptions (Scroll down the page to find event descriptions)

If you're up for anything, or have broad interests, you can jump right to the sign-up link below:

  • Volunteer Sign Up:
    If you'd like to sign up to volunteer at this year's event, please click on the following link and complete the form:
    CLICK HERE to sign up online to volunteer

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