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Akron Regional Science Olympiad

March 10, 2018

Akron Regional Science Olympiad

Page Updated 03/05/18

Rules Clarifications and Announcements

Please Frequently Check the Akron, State and National Rules Clarifications and FAQ's:

National Clarifications:

State Clarifications:

  • Not available yet.

Akron Regional Event Clarifications:

Please see very important notes below Clarifications.

Tournament Schedule:

The Akron Regional Tournament planners intend to emulate the National Schedules' event groupings, as printed in the 2018 rule books, except:

  • Disease Detectives, Fermi Questions and Fast Facts will be mixed into the regular competition hours -- not held during impound.
  • As of 9/27/17 we are again evaluating running Experimental Design during impound.

Please understand that at a busy university, and when working with scores of enthusiastic but equally busy volunteer event supervisors, some room and schedule conflicts might arise that will prevent exact emulation of the National Schedule. We will try our best. Please plan your team assignments with the National Schedules' event groupings in mind (IMAGINE YOU ARE TEAM 1), but please continue to build in extra coverage. Best intentions are plans, and sometimes plans must change.

We will freeze Clarifications and FAQ’s on March 1, 2018, meaning all adjustments posted at the state or national level, after that date, will not be applicable to Akron Regional.

[update 03-05-18]

Mission Possible C

  • NOTE: Mission Possible C will NOT have Impound. We have also updated the tentative schedule documents with this information.

[update 02-27-18]


  • Impound will be 8:00am - 8:50am.

[update 02-16-18]

Game On

  • With the internet connections at The University of Akron being robust, we plan to run Game On! from a browser.
  • Remember, no other internet interaction is allowed on Game On!

[update 02-15-18]

Mission Possible

  • Teams are encouraged to bring a level and shims in order to make sure their device is placed appropriately.

[update 02-12-18]

Hovercraft Room Number

  • There was an error in the room number listed previously for the Hovercraft event on the Tentative Schedule documents. Hovercraft will be held in the Biology Lobby/ASEC D404. This is the classroom just off of the Biology Department Lobby. It was incorrectly listed as Biology Lobby and ASEC D204. There is no D204 in this building.

[update 02-06-18]

Electronic Signups for Hovercraft

  • PLEASE READ THIS PDF UPDATE concerning the Hovercraft Event Sign-ups.
    (Schools with two teams should schedule both teams in same period, or...)

[update 02-01-18]

DIV C - Helicopter

  • The event will be held this year in the racquetball courts at Ocasek Natatorium.
  • The dimensions of the court are: 20' wide x 20' high x 40' deep.
  • There are 2 window ledges in each court for viewing from the 2nd floor, so the possibility does exist that a device could land/get stuck on a ledge.

[update 12-05-17]

Wright Stuff Information regarding the space (blue gym)

  • Dimensions are approximately 75 X 120 96 x 124 feet, with a 34 44 foot ceiling. Please note that 44 is the height to the ceiling. The ceiling is supported by exposed trusses/rafters/metal work, so the effective height is somewhat less. (2 feet, 3 feet?)
  • Wright may be sharing the gym with an activity center in one corner.

SWRC Court 3 Dimensions

  • SRWC – Court 3 dimensions: 96 ft x 72 ft, height 44 less ceiling support trusses. (Vehicle typically run in Court 3).

Hovercraft Location

  • As of 12/4/17, Hovercraft is scheduled to run on a linoleum tile floor. The seams between tiles are negligible.

[update 12-05-17]

Drop-in Event ON-LINE REGISTRATION: (For build events, etc that run all day long.)
Online registration will occur at:

  • Registration begins at February 18, 2018 @ 09:00 PM EST (TENTATIVE DATE!)
  • Registration ends at February 26, 2018 @ 12:00 PM EST
Passwords will be mailed out on approx. February 3rd From:
Laurel Lohrey will be monitoring the email account on the first Sunday night until 10:00 pm.
Please email if you have difficulties.

[update 12-05-17]

All, please review the Science Olympiad Policies on Safety Goggles and Lasers (used for alignment in build events, like the car events…) (class 2 and class 1 only – Must be clearly labeled),
Let’s keep the students, supervisors and helpers safe. Supervisors, please enforce the rules for goggle type and laser type. Students without the required goggles should be given an opportunity, within their event’s scheduled hour, to go and get goggles.

Supervisors – please – you should wear goggles as appropriate. If you don’t own a pair, please ask us to pack goggles for you. (soon please.)

Supervisors – please bring your own grading pens/pencils. Since students typically unstaple their test papers, please bring a stapler, or ask students to write team numbers on every page.

Coaches – please ask your students to write their team number on each page if they separate their papers.

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