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Akron Regional Science Olympiad

March 9, 2019

Akron Regional Science Olympiad

Page Last Updated 02/14/19

Rules Clarifications and Announcements

Please Frequently Check the Akron, State and National Rules Clarifications and FAQ's:

National Clarifications:

State Clarifications:

  • Not available yet.

Akron Regional Event Clarifications:

Please see very important notes below Clarifications.

Tournament Schedule:

The Akron Regional Tournament planners intend to emulate the National Schedules' event groupings, as printed in the 2019 rule books (pretend you are team 1), except:

  • * Disease Detectives will not run during impound.
  • * Experimental Design will not run during impound.
  • ** At this point, we have swapped Solar System (B) and Anatomy (B)
  • For Self-Schedule/Sign-up Events with written tests - If you bring 2 teams to regionals, both teams MUST sign up in the same hour. We will not run extra testing during impound nor after 3:15 this year. MYSTERY ARCHITECTURE is included in this same-hour scheduling for double-teams requirement.

Below are the TENTATIVE GROUPINGS for the 2019 Akron Regional:

Water Quality (B)
Meteorology (B)
Write It Do it (B)
**Anatomy & Physiology (B)
Experimental Design (B)
Game On (B)
*Disease Detectives (B)
Herpetology (B)
Crime Busters (B)
Dynamic Planet (B)
Heredity (B)
**Solar System (B)
Potions and Poisons (B)
Road Scholar (B)
Fossils (B)
Circuits Lab (B)
Circuits Lab (C)
Code Busters (C)
* Experimental Design (C)
Astronomy (C)
Forensics (C)
Write It Do it (C)
Anatomy & Physiology (C)
Fermi Questions (C)
Geologic Mapping (C)
Fossils (C)
Water Quality (C)
Protein Modeling (C)
Disease Detectives (C)
Herpetology (C)
Chemistry Lab (C)
Dynamic Planet (C)
Designer Genes (C)

Please understand that at a busy university, and when working with scores of enthusiastic but equally busy volunteer event supervisors, some room and schedule conflicts might arise that will result in schedule changes. We will try our best to stick to these groupings. Please plan your team assignments with the above, somewhat modified National Schedules' event groupings in mind, but please continue to build in extra coverage. Best intentions are plans, and sometimes plans must change.

We will freeze Clarifications and FAQ’s on February 28, 2019, meaning all adjustments posted at the state or national level, after that date, will not be applicable to Akron Regional.

[update 02-14-19]

Wright Stuff and Elastic Launched Glider Information regarding the space (blue gym)

  • Dimensions are approximately 96 x 124 feet, with a 44 foot ceiling. Please note that 44 is the height to the ceiling. The ceiling is supported by exposed trusses/rafters/metal work, so the effective height is somewhat less. (2 feet, 3 feet?)
  • During years with two airplane events, both events will need to share the gym. A separating curtain may be used to divide the area.
  • Wright/ELG may share the gym with an activity center in one corner.

SWRC Court 3 Dimensions

  • SRWC – Court 3 dimensions: 96 ft x 72 ft, height 44 less ceiling support trusses. (Vehicle events typically run in Court 3).

[update 02-14-19]

Sounds of Music

Sounds of Music will be held in Guzzetta Hall (GH) - the University's dance, music, and theater building.

Please read the important notes below regarding this event:

  • We could not find a quiet place on campus, other than the instrument practice cubicles located in Guzzetta Hall. Science Olympiad is in every building on campus at this point, because homerooms are spread out all across campus this year. Homerooms are exciting and energetic spaces, which they should be. That limits the choices for buildings appropriate for Sounds of Music.
  • We've been told HVAC noise can make it hard to accurately measure pitch. NOTE that the practice rooms in Guzzetta are sealed, insulated and damped appropriately for music.
  • You can unload at the Goodyear Polymer Center cul de sac, near the big "rock candy" sculpture.
  • Practice rooms are 5 foot x 6 foot. The doorway is 36 inches wide, but the panic bar on the door limits the effective opening to approx. 34 inches.
  • We will try to use the largest rooms not containing a piano. The event supervisor will determine which practice rooms will be used.
  • To test in a practice room, your instrument, you and the evaluator must all be able to fit into the practice room.
  • There are also assorted classrooms and the hallway, which can be used for testing if the practice rooms are too small.
  • The supervisor is an experienced Science Olympian (former) competitor. He understands Science Olympiad. He will determine the best location/distance for measuring your pitch and your in-pitch-loudness within the practice rooms, and attempt to make it as consistent as possible for everyone.

[update 02-11-19]

Drop-in Event ON-LINE REGISTRATION: (For build events, etc that run all day long.)

We plan to use the Scilympiad software Headcoaches should register on the system and create their teams before 1/31/19.

[update 01-11-19]

Game On

  • With the internet connections at The University of Akron being robust, we plan to run Game On! from a browser.
  • Remember, no other internet interaction is allowed on Game On!

[update 11-13-18]


  • The University of Akron will not take custodial responsibility for minors while participating in at Akron Regional Science Olympiad. Custodial responsibility will remain with teachers, parents, legal guardians and chaperones. Minors must be properly supervised at all times.

[update 02-27-18]


  • Impound will be 8:00am - 8:50am.

[update 02-15-18]

Mission Possible and Rollercoaster

  • Teams are encouraged to bring a level and shims in order to make sure their device is appropriately level.

[update 02-01-18]

Racquetball Court at Ocasek Natatorium - Information regarding the space

  • The dimensions of the court are: 20' wide x 20' high x 40' deep.
  • There are 2 window ledges in each court for viewing from the 2nd floor, so the possibility does exist that a device could land/get stuck on a ledge.

[update 12-05-17]

All, please review the Science Olympiad Policies on Safety Goggles and Lasers (used for alignment in build events, like the car events…) (class 2 and class 1 only – Must be clearly labeled),
Let’s keep the students, supervisors and helpers safe. Supervisors, please enforce the rules for goggle type and laser type. Students without the required goggles should be given an opportunity, within their event’s scheduled hour, to go and get goggles.

Supervisors – please – you should wear goggles as appropriate. If you don’t own a pair, please ask us to pack goggles for you. (soon please.)

Supervisors – please bring your own grading pens/pencils. Since students typically unstaple their test papers, please bring a stapler, or ask students to write team numbers on every page.

Coaches – please ask your students to write their team number on each page if they separate their papers.

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