New Roo Convocation

We are excited to celebrate you, the Class of 2026!

University Welcome Event Schedule

New Roo Convocation - August 19, 2022

  • Details about Friday's series of welcome events will be available in Summer 2022!

What is Convocation?

Pin of ZippyDuring this ceremony, new students and the UA community at large will be welcomed by President Gary L. Miller and share in the UA commitment toward students’ path to graduation. Students will receive a welcome from alumni and the Undergraduate Student Government President.  

Convocation introduces new Zips (YOU) to our UA community, rich traditions and Akron pride. It also affirms the University’s commitment to support YOUR academic aspirations as you work toward graduation.

Students receive their Zippy pin which symbolizes the shared commitment and hallmarks the start of a student’s Akron Experience.

Additional information or questions?

For additional information or questions, please contact Brandon Mikulski (bam64@uakron.edu).