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Q&A: UA's computer networking degree

Here's what you will learn in networking and what your career and salary might look like.

Q: What degree options in computer networking are available?

You can earn an associate or bachelor’s degree within the Computer Information Systems or CIS networking option at The University of Akron.

See the recommended course sequence for the bachelor’s degree and the associate degree.

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A computer networking student practices on equipment in a UA lab. She'll see the same equipment once she starts her career.

What does the curriculum cover? What will I learn?

Students will learn the foundation necessary to earn a position in the IT field by learning on the same equipment that is used in the field: servers, networking devices, programming, operating systems and virtualization.

Our coursework prepares you for such certifications valued by employers as:

  • CompTIA A+,
  • Linux Administrator LPIC-1,
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate and
  • Cisco Certified Networking Professional.

A student works with a professor in a computer networking labStudents who excel in this field often have what qualities?

A desire to solve problems and a strong foundation in math.  Students who are able to test out of their general education math requirement or earn above a C+ typically perform better in the degree. The field is always changing, so an openness to lifetime learning is beneficial.

What kinds of problems do professionals in this field resolve?

Professionals in the field may resolve hardware and software issues, recommend hardware and software applications, improve network performance, implement network security and train users on the system.

What makes this degree distinctive from other colleges/universities?

Our degree is application-oriented, which means it is hands-on and not totally based in theory. We have fully equipped labs, so you will apply what you learn on the same equipment that is used in the field. Further, you can remotely access the lab equipment 24-7 via the web to work on homework and projects, making it easier to fit your education into a busy work/family schedule.

What kind of experiential learning opportunities exist for students in the program? How does a student benefit from these experiences?

Not only do students work on the equipment in their courses, they will complete an internship as part of their degree requirements. They will have hands-on experience and job training before graduating.

Describe the breadth of opportunities available for graduates of this degree.

There are multiple in-demand opportunities to students with this degree from network administrator, security analyst, consultant, trainer and network architect.

See career outlook and pay estimates for:

If prospective students or parents have question, whom should they contact?

Professor Janet Kropff, jkropff@uakron.edu.

I'm interested in e-sports, too. Does Akron have a team?

Yes! In fact, we have many teams and opportunities for you to participate.

What other computer-related degrees does Akron offer?

UA offers a variety of in-demand computer related degrees.

I want to enroll. What's the first step?

Apply for undergraduate admission. We have a number of scholarship programs in place to make Akron even more affordable, including the Akron Guarantee Scholarship, which increases in size as you earn credits.