CITe - The Center for Information Technologies and e-Business is a volunteer organization whose mission is to teach students and develop faculty in the principles and practices of the related disciplines of information technology and electronic business. The Center’s activities will identify, promote and teach the best practices in the design, development, and application of information technology in organizations.

The Institute will accomplish its mission through:

Instructional Materials
Preparation of a variety of appropriate instructional materials (e.g., cases, tutorials, and computer software) which focus on information systems and e-business.

Forums and Lectures
Creation of forums and lectures by successful practitioners who have significant experience in the design, development, and management of information systems and e-business applications.

Student Projects
Extrapolation of industry based projects in the classroom to provide real world experiences. Creation of real world student projects that can contribute to an organization.

Student Activities
Encouragement of student activities (e.g., mentoring, site visits, demonstrations, etc.) and participation in various information systems related forums and conferences.

Faculty and Staff Training
Encourage faculty and relevant staff participation in training programs and forums on technical and management aspects of information systems.

Faculty and Practitioner Relationships
Encourage faculty to build close relationships with industry practitioners to stay informed of current issues and practice and enable these practitioners to best assist faculty knowledge development and instructional enhancement.

Curriculum Development
Development and review of educational and training programs in information systems and e-business for both undergraduate and graduate students, and the community at large

Research and Consulting
Conduct research and analysis of information systems and e-business applications as they pertain to organizational problems and issues.