Home Is...

August 16, 2022 through May 27, 2023

Lynn Rodeman Metzger Galleries

What does “home” mean to you?

Home is… explores the many diverse definitions of “home” by bringing together a collection of community-loaned objects. Community members were asked to contribute something that represented “home” to them. We received a range of items, from objects to images to stories. Individually, they each represent the interpretation of a single individual; together, they weave a tapestry that reveals the breadth of meaning captured by a single word: “home.”

The design and installation of Home is… was completed by Museums and Archives Studies Certificate Program student, Lacy Nicholas. The Certificate is a unique offering at The University of Akron that prepares students for work in the museum and archive professions by providing hands-on, experiential education.

HOME Project logoHOME: Three Years of Interweaving Creation and Community

Home is… features a special guest installation documenting the HOME project, led by Josy Jones of the Chameleon Village Theatre Collective. The project has spent three years exploring the question of whether theatre can serve as a bridge between available community resources and the residents of the West Hill neighborhood of Akron.

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