Chemistry Seminar Schedule - Spring 2023

All Seminars will be held in MGH 111 on Tuesday at 3:00 PM unless otherwise noted

Speaker Affiliation Title Host
01/10 Yingwen Cheng Northern Illinois University Modulating Electrochemical Interface for Energy Storage and Electrocatalysis Boika
01/17 Faculty Candidate
01/24 Faculty Candidate
01/31 Faculty Candidate
02/07 Faculty Candidate
02/14 Faculty Candidate
02/21 Evangelos Miliordos Auburn University Mimicking atoms and predicting novel materials by placing diffuse electrons around metal ammonia complexes Popov
03/07 Scott Bunge Kent State University Utilizing Ligands with Extreme Bulk to Isolate Well-Defined Coordination Complexes Popov
03/14 Fu-Sen Liang Case Western Reserve University Chemical Biology Tools for Studying RNA Epigenetics Ziegler
03/28 ACS Meeting week NO SEMINAR
04/04 Vincent Ortiz Auburn University Charles M. Knight Lecture (Chemistry Seminar): The Chemistry of Electron Binding Energies and Their Dyson Orbitals Popov
04/05 MGH 111 11:00am Vincent Ortiz Auburn University Charles M. Knight Lecture (Public Lecture): What Are the Electrons Doing in Molecules? Popov
Thomas Gray Case Western Reserve University TBA


04/14, Friday, MGH 111 at 3:00pm

Prashant V. Kamat University of Notre Dame John C. Crano Lecture: Light Energy Conversion with Halide Perovskite-Molecular Hybrids. Energy versus Electron Transfer Akron ACS
04/18 Christine Thomas Ohio State University TBA Jia
04/25 Abraham K. Badu-Tawiah Ohio State University TBA Wesdemiotis