Enhance Your Major with a Business Minor or Certificate

Minors are a great way to use electives in an intentional and targeted manner to enhance your skills and abilities. You will need to formally declare your CoB minor by meeting with a CoB adviser during walk-in appointment hours. Most minors require 15-18 credit hours. You can complete a minor only if you are pursuing a four-year degree.


CoB minors include:

CoB Minors for Non-Business Majors

Because business skills enhance and further any discipline, the CoB offers a variety of minors for any major:

You can designate a minor at any time during your career, up to and including the time your degree clearance is processed. You must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in the minor area of study. Courses for a minor cannot be taken on a credit/non-credit basis. All credits must be earned, and you must earn at least nine credits towards your minor at The University of Akron. No more than 9 credits of transfer work can be used toward a minor. Please note that courses required for a minor may carry prerequisites, which must be honored before you may enroll in the minor.

Electives for Non-Minor Business Class Clusters

If you are a University of Akron student, you need an extra class to fill your schedule, and you want to prepare yourself to land that first job after graduation, consider taking some business classes.

Or are you undecided on a major and looking at classes that will help you explore? Look no further, the College of Business has an array of courses and pathways on a thematic sequences page for you to sample.

Get a Certificate

Certificates can be another way students supplement a current major. To declare a certificate, students need to meet with a CoB adviser during walk-in hours.

Certificates can be completed as you are completing your undergraduate degree or after.

Once you complete the Certificate coursework and other requirements, the Registrar’s Office will mail your certificate to the address on record.