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Pharm. D/MBA

The Pharm. D/MBA program is a collaborative program between the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and The University of Akron College of Business (CoB). Students of NEOMED who wish to attain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) would be eligible for articulated course credits at Akron.

To complete an MBA at UA, NEOMED students must apply and be accepted into the program. Generally students are required to complete 36 credits for an MBA if they have a business educational background. If not, students would be required to complete 4 gateway courses for an additional 12 credits. The list below provides the details of the courses that are required and the courses that can be substituted for specific NEOMED courses.

The following courses offered by NEOMED's College of Pharmacy, may be substituted for the corresponding classes offered by the Akron's College of Business, for completion of the M.B.A. degree;

  • Legislation & Advocacy at NEOMED may be substituted for Government & Business at Akron;
  • Principles of Leadership at NEOMED may be substituted for Leading and Influencing at Akron;
  • Operations at NEOMED may be substituted for Management of Supply Chain and Operations at Akron; and
  • Pharmacy Management Personnel at NEOMED may be substituted for Managing People in Organizations at Akron.

For a Pharmacy concentration in Akron's College Of Business, students are required to take nine (9) hours in the concentration of their choice. For completion of the Pharmacy concentration, NEOMED students can select the nine (9) hours from the following courses. Estimated credits hours are in parentheses.

  • Evidence Based Medicine 1 (3 credits);
  • Healthcare Delivery Systems (3 credits);
  • Healthcare & the Media (3 credits);
  • P4 Advanced Community Practice (3 credits);
  • P4 Advanced Hospital Practice (3 credits);
  • Geriatrics (3 credits); or
  • Underserved (3 credits).

These course substitution requires grades of Pass or Honors for the College of Pharmacy courses.

The MBA concentration requires a minimum of nine credits in an area of interest to the student. While NEOMED students are welcome to complete one of UA's existing concentrations, it would add an additional 9 credits to their program. We recommend that NEOMED students take the interdisciplinary concentration from an approved list of existing NEOMED courses. These are listed on the program sheet.

The MBA requires that one of the concentration courses be an action learning (i.e. experiential) course. A NEOMED student can fulfill this with one of the following courses:

  • Community Practice
  • Hospital Practice
  • Geriatric Practice or
  • Underserved Practice

UA has a six year time limit for our MBA program. A student must complete the program within a six year period from the date of enrollment in the UA College of Business MBA Program.

UA will accept the NEOMED student's PCAT score in lieu of the GMAT or GRE. The PCAT score must meet NEOMED’s standards for admission into the Pharmacy program.

If a student gets placed on probation from NEOMED that probation/dismissal the student will also be considered to be on probation/dismissal from UA. UA will pursue any alleged disciplinary actions regarding the student and provide that information to NEOMED as appropriate. NEOMED students that matriculate to the UA MBA program are subject to all rules, regulations, and handbooks of UA and the College of Business Administration.

Students who complete the specified transfer articulation agreement courses at the Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Pharmacy can complete the M.B.A. degree at the University of Akron, provided all other requirements for that degree are satisfied at the University of Akron.

Pharm. D/MBA Program Structure

Gateway courses
6200:601 Financial Accounting 3
6400:602 Managerial Finance 3
6400:655 Government and Business 3
Legislation and Advocacy in Pharmacy P3
3350:600 Foundations of Economic Analysis 3
Professional Core
6700:689 Leading and Influencing 1
Principles of Leadership P2
6700:691 Professional Integrity 1
6700:693 Negotiations in the Workplace 1
6500:601 Business Analytics and Information Strategy 3
MBA Core
6200:610 Process Analysis and Cost Management 3
6400:674 Strategic Financial Decision Making 3
6500:652 Managing People in Organizations 3
Pharmacy Management: Personnel P2
6500:670 Management of Supply Chain and Operations 3
Pharmacy Management: Operations P2
6600:620 Strategic Marketing 3
6800:605 International Business Environments 3

MBA Concentration

Students will take 9 credit hours in a concentration of their choice. We recommend the Pharmacy concentration (Interdisciplinary) where the student can select 9 hours from the following NEOMED pharmacy courses.

  • Evidence Based Medicine 1 3 credits
  • Healthcare Delivery Systems 3 credits
  • Healthcare & the Media 3 credits
  • P4 Advanced Community Practice 3 credits
  • P4 Advanced Hospital Practice 3 credits
  • Geriatrics 3 credits
  • Underserved 3 credits

MBA Integrative Course

6500:695 Organizational Strategy 3 credits

Action Learning Requirement

The MBA requires that one three hour experiential course be used to fulfill the action requirement of the following pharmacy courses will fulfill this requirement:

  • Community Practice
  • Hospital Practice
  • Geriatric Practice
  • Underserved Practice


The Total number of credit hours for the MBA program will range from 36 to 48 depending on the number of Gateway courses taken. Students choosing a non-Pharmacy concentration will have an additional 9 to 12 credits required.