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CBA JD/MBA Program Foundation Course Equivalencies

Oftentimes prospective students want to know which undergraduate courses will satisfy graduate foundation course requirements. Below is a list of course equivalencies for students who completed their undergraduate work at The University of Akron. An advisor will be able to tell you what foundation courses will be required at your new student entry appointment.

JD/MBA Gateway Waiver Policy

Gateway courses may be waived provided the student has earned a "B" or better in an equivalent course or courses within the past six years. The CBA graduate office must confirm course waivers. In all cases the burden of proof is on the student. A waiver can be obtained if the student has completed the following University of Akron undergraduate courses or their equivalents at other four year institutions. (Where equivalency is in doubt, course descriptions, books used, syllabi, etc. should be presented.) Community college courses will not be accepted for waiver unless taken to fulfill an undergraduate requirement for a four year business degree. Once course work in law or business is begun at UA, no undergraduate course work for waivers is permitted.

Gateway Courses Undergraduate Equivalent Courses
3250:600 Foundation of Economic Analysis
3250:201 Principles of Economics


3250:202 Principles of Economics

3250:244 Intro. to Economic Analysis
6200:601 Financial Accounting 6200:201 Accounting Principles I
6400:602 Managerial Finance 6400:301 Principles of Finance
6400:655 Government & Business 6400:220 Legal & Social Environment
6400:321 Business Law I

NOTE: Course equivalents do not include workshops, seminars, or company or industry training programs.