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Joint Degree Program General Requirements

School of Law Degree Requirements:

The School of Law will accept 10 semester credits of business courses to fulfill elective requirements in the School of Law. Therefore, to earn the Juris Doctor (JD) degree, joint degree students must earn 78 law credits plus 10 business credits for a total of 88 credits. The Law School will not accept web-based courses for transfer.

College of Business Administration (CBA) Degree Requirements:

The CBA requirements may be met by completing the foundation courses (up to 27 credits for the MSA program and 6 for the MTax program unless waived based on College of Business Administration policy) and 30-36 semester hours of advanced courses in the CBA. The CBA will accept up to 9 semester credits of law courses with grades of "B" or higher to fulfill CBA requirements. All law courses used to fulfill CBA requirements must be approved by the Director of Graduate Programs in Business prior to taking the class and the student must have earned grades of "B" or better in them. To earn both degrees, a total of 98-105 credits are required, depending on the master’s program pursued. More credits may be required for the CBA Master's degree if foundation courses are required.

Termination of Joint Status:

Should the JD degree be conferred before earning any credits in the CBA, joint status terminates, including the transfer policy. Reapplication for joint status is not possible.