Living in Akron

Many students and alumni have commented on the affordable housing in Akron as well as the great variety of cultural and entertainment venues available in northeast Ohio. Campus shuttles and the city bus system provide transportation within the region so students can get around without a car.

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Housing in Akron

Off-Campus Housing

There are many apartment complexes and rental houses near campus that provide student housing. There are a number in close proximity to the College of Business. Since most of our in-person graduate classes are offered in the evening many students find that apartments close to the CoB are preferable. You can check on distances to the CoB address at 259 S. Broadway, Akron, OH 44308.

UA off-campus housing website:

UA Off-campus Living

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On-Campus Housing

Most on-campus housing is for undergraduate students. A few residence halls do accept graduate students.

UA on-campus website:
UA Housing

Getting Around Northeast Ohio

The University of Akron Roo Express Shuttle provides service on campus and in the nearby community for UA students, faculty and staff with a valid university identification – Zip Card. Guests may also ride the shuttle if accompanied by someone with a ZipCard.

The Akron Metro Bus system offers MetroZip which provides students transportation around Summit County for free on any regular Metro route by swiping a Zip Card. This is available to students, faculty and staff. SCAT services are excluded from this program.

You can also take a Metro bus to Cleveland for only $4. A regular fare is $5, with a $1 discount with your Zip Card. The Northcoast Express Service to Cleveland offers two routes originating in the Akron area, the service is weekdays only and runs early morning and late afternoons.

Metro does not operate on some holidays.

Travel Around the United States

For more distant travel in the United States, Greyhound Bus service is available from Akron and Amtrak rail service is available from the Cleveland or Alliance. There are also a variety of car rental agencies in Akron. Akron Canton Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport provide access to a number of airline carriers.

The Changing Seasons – What to Wear and How to Prepare

The University of Akron has three semesters fall which begins in August (summer) and ends in December (winter), Spring which begins in January (winter) and ends in May (spring) Summer which begins in May (spring) and ends in August (summer). This means that if you are moving to Akron to study you will experience two seasons each semester and will need to have a wardrobe that covers all seasons. Most students dress in business casual attire to attend class unless they are doing a presentation in which case they dress in professional attire. There are many events, activities and venues to enjoy in Akron and northeast Ohio.

Weather and Climate in Akron Ohio by Month

How to Dress for the Seasons in Akron

If you are arriving from June through August (summer)

Summer in Akron

Temperatures in northeast Ohio range from the 60 °F to high 90s °F throughout the summer with high humidity. Cotton or other breathable apparel are required to be comfortable. Most office buildings and classrooms are air conditioned and may even be cold. So bringing a jacket or sweater to class is a good idea. Students enjoy the many outdoor restaurants available downtown as well as city, county and national parks in the area. Hiking and biking trails are available.

Fall and spring weather – what to expect

Fall and Spring in Akron

Fall and spring temperatures vary widely but are similar ranging from 30°F in March to 90°F in May and 90°F in September to 30°F in November. Lighter jackets and sweaters can be worn throughout most of these seasons as you transition out of or into winter you will need heavier winter garments. Fall brings our soccer and American football seasons and spring provides track and field events which students are free to attend.

If you are arriving in December or January (winter)

Winter in Northeast Ohio

There are many wonderful winter activities that you can learn such as ice skating, sledding, skiing and hiking which are quite enjoyable if you are dressed properly. Temperatures can range from below 0°F to 40°F and snow sometimes above 12 inches high so the right clothing is important to your comfort and safety.

If you are from a warm state or country and buy clothing there, you may find them inadequate when you get to Akron. However, they should help get you through your first days in Akron and you will likely find that these clothes will be useful for fall and early spring weather. You should buy the warmest coat you can find before coming to Ohio as well as a hat to cover your ears, gloves and a pair of heavy socks. You will also need some sturdy boots or shoes with soles made of rubber, vibram or some other sturdy material and have treads on the bottom to provide traction on slick surfaces. There will be snow and ice.

Once in Akron, you will be able to find winter clothing in most department and discount stores that are more appropriate to our heavier winter weather. Free UA Roo Express buses and city Metro buses travel to various shopping areas throughout Akron where students can purchase these items.
You will need a heavy winter coat, preferably one that comes down to your thighs and fastens closely around your neck. A long scarf, woolen hat that covers your ears, calf-high boots with heavy treaded soles, heavy socks and gloves. Warm, heavier weight pants and shirts are also a good idea and you many find sweaters or hoodies comfortable under coats. Thermal or silk long underwear is helpful for those who plan to be outdoors in winter.