2016 Honorees

Teaching Excellence – Julianne B. Jones, JD, MTax, CPA

Ms. Jones teaches courses in tax that would be considered by many to be the least likely for students to enjoy; yet through her innovative teaching methods, she is able to take the subject of taxation and make it come alive for her students. Ms. Jones puts into practice daily her teaching philosophy of "teaching the students challenging and relevant material while mentoring them in the transition from student to professional to leader." Ms. Jones' teaching evaluation scores are consistently high and mirror the qualitative student comments she receives:

  • "The combination of real world examples and practical tips and the tax laws were my favorite part of this course. Professor Buynak’s [Jones'] experience in practice really brings to life a lot of these concepts."
  • "The class was a great experience. Not only did she break down the material, but she was enthusiastic/passionate about the topic. One of the best professors I have ever had and always made time to help me succeed."

Research Excellence – Dr. Erin Makarius

Dr. Erin Makarius is very deserving of this award. Her publications have been in the top journals in the management field; contributing to the field of organizational behavior, human resources, and management education. She regularly presents papers at various national and international level conferences, and, in recognition of her research on reputation, was invited to publish a book chapter in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation. Seminal to the committee’s recommendation is Dr. Makarius’ outstanding 2015 Organization Science publication, “Choosing the Company You Keep: Racial Relational Demography Outside and Inside of Work,” complete with its impact factor of 6.309.

Service Excellence – Dr. Mahesh Srinivasan

Dr. Mahesh Srinivasan has been engaged in service at every level at the University while also providing service to the Management profession. Most notable has been the high impact level of his service on President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) 2.0 initiative as the lead of a sub-group within the Workforce Development-Workforce Education workgroup to develop pathways for advanced manufacturing education.  He has served on the University Faculty Research Committee, was selected to participate in the UniverCity Community Leadership Institute inaugural class, and has provided comprehensive contributions to the College’s Supply Chain major, from industry participation to student engagement.

Staff Excellence –Sheri L. Simone

Sheri L. Simone is recognized for her contributions to the success of the College through cooperation with other units, most particularly by mentoring and training two new administrative staff hires while fulfilling her own duties. Sheri’s willingness to answer questions and provide assistance and help when requested contributed to an environment of collaboration that resulted in smooth transitions for the new staff and their respective departments.