Career Outcomes

We surveyed our spring 2018 graduates to determine their career outcomes.

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UA's Overall Placement Rate


At six months post graduation, 92% of Spring 2018 graduates who earned an undergraduate degree are employed full time, part time, or are continuing their education.

*National Overall Placement Rate is 81% (NACE, 2017)


80% who earned an undergraduate degree are employed full time in their chosen field or in a position that requires a degree, or they are continuing their education (i.e. graduate school).

Experiential Learning


83% of students that earned a bachelor’s degree participated in at least one experiential learning experience* before graduating.

*Experiential learning includes internships, practicums, assistantships, student teaching, undergraduate research, field experiences, clinicals, volunteer work related to major, and study abroad.

Average Starting Salary of
Bachelor Degree Graduates

With Experiential Learning:


Without Experiential Learning:


UA career outcomes graph

Our career outcome data is based on a knowledge rate of 92 percent of spring 2018 graduates. Knowledge rate is the percentage of graduates for whom we have reasonable and verifiable information about career activities six months after graduation.

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