Lamalani Siverts


Avon Lake Regional Water

Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM

My Projects are

Trophic interactions


Profiling phytoplankton community


Seasonal nutrient utilization


Dreissenid selective feeding


Biomimicry K-12 lesson plans


I like

Aquatic ecology


Teaching using non-traditional formats


I am from Oakland, California and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Washington. I had never lived away from the Pacific Ocean, a place where I find inspiration and solace, before moving to Akron. My research experience includes intertidal zone community ecology and behavioral ecology of whales and dolphins. I was fortunate to work for organizations like National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Scripps Institute of Oceanography. University of Akron’s Integrated Bioscience PhD fellowship program was a good fit to blend my experience with career goals. I am interested in preserving the aquatic ecosystem and would like to apply biomimicry, with a systems-thinking perspective, to the water quality industry and policy.

PhD Projects

Trophic interactions
Jan 2015 - Current

Focus on Lake Erie phytoplankton and mussel trophic interactions using stable isotope analysis

Phytoplankton community profiling
Jan 2018 - Current

Microscopy and genetic analysis

Nutrient utilization
Jun 2019 - Current

Stable isotope analysis of source nutrient changes

Select Papers and Presentations

Workshop - DigiFabCon Boston, MA 2017

Biomimicry Design lecture and workshop

Idan Tech Center Beit She'an, Isreal 2018

Biomimicry for STEM Curriculum lecture and workshops

California State University 2017, 2018; John Carroll University 2018

Biomimicry in Water Treatment