Daniel Maksuta


Kimberly-Clark Corporation


My name is Daniel Maksuta. I got my BS in chemistry with polymer option from The University of Akron. As an undergrad I did research with Dr. Gujrati in the physics department studying the transition of a material from a liquid state to the glass state. I later joined Dr. Ali Dhinojwala’s lab where I studied the adhesion of materials with a gradient of elastic modulus.

Currently I am a PhD student in Dr. Ali Dhinojwala’s lab (Polymer Science). My research focuses on modeling adhesion for real world applications. However, my interests are not limited to adhesion; rather, I enjoy the process of modeling systems.

The Integrated Bioscience PhD and Biomimicry Fellowship programs have enabled me to delve into many different fields of science, which I feel is important considering the trajectory of science towards interdisciplinary research.