Bernd Steklis


Tremco Inc.


I spent half of my childhood on a ranch in Sonoita, Arizona, learning about outdoorsmanship from 4-H and conservation from the Empire Ranch Foundation. The other half I spent in East Africa, tagging along with my parents as they studied mountain gorillas. I pursued an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering with a minor in biology from the University of Arizona while working as a field assistant for the Primate Studies Field School study abroad program in Rwanda. Over these many years of travel and fieldwork, I have witnessed firsthand evolution’s engineering solutions as expressed in the myriad adaptations of organic life. With this experience and my studies in engineering, I have a strong understanding of opportunities to reverse engineer many of nature’s unique systems and harness them as useful technologies. Now, in The University of Akron’s Biomimicry Fellowship Program, with industry sponsor Tremco Inc., I want to use biomimicry to improve the sustainability of industrial practices and advance technology for the betterment of humanity.