Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Will Trump's endorsements be a boost to candidates come fall?
Karl Kaltenthaler interviewed about Brittany Griner
J.D. Vance Quietly Supports Bill His GOP Allies Hate - and His Opponent Sponsored
FAULT LINES: Dr. Kaltenthaler interviewed on drone strike
Redistrict Reject Repeat, Low Voter Turnout Likely on Aug. 2
Trends that may impact the election
Most Democrats want someone other than Biden to run in 2024: Poll
'Kryptonite' Biden Campaigns for Democrats While Keeping His Distance
David Cohen discusses January 6th hearings with Ray Horner

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Will Trump's endorsements be a boost to candidates come fall?

Regarding former President Donald Trump, “There's a level of enthusiasm for him still within the party, even with being impeached twice, even with him losing the election,” said Dr. David B. Cohen, a political science professor, director of the Applied Politics program, and a fellow at the University’s Bliss Institute in this NPR interview.

Karl Kaltenthaler interviewed about Brittany Griner

Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler, director of the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies and professor of political science, spoke with WAKR morning host Ray Horner about international prisoner exchanges, focusing on Brittney Griner. 

Stephen C. Brooks

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  • effect of pandemic on campaigning and voting in Ohio
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David B. Cohen

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John Green

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Karl Kaltenthaler

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  • Global cooperation or lack of cooperation
  • Trade (trade wars)
  • US role in the world
  • Islamist Terrorism
  • ISIS (or IS or ISIL)
  • Al Qaeda
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  • Radicalization into Islamist terrorist groups
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James T. McHugh

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