Computer Information Systems at The University of Akron

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

We offer associate and baccalaureate programs that introduce you to in-demand computing concepts while allowing you to develop the skills and reasoning required to succeed in the profession. Our program is designed to start you on the path to earn professional certifications.

What sets Akron apart: Our courses are taught in computer labs, so you can learn and practice skills.

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Students at The University of AkronThe CIS program offers high level training for computer programmers and microcomputer application specialists. Schedules offer a range of day, evening and weekend classes.

Graduates of the AAB/BS CIS program are expected to qualify for such positions as programmer trainees, programmer/analysts, software developers, computer operators, or network specialists in business, industry, and government organizations.

See the job outlook for computer and information systems managers from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Degrees that we offer

We offer the following educational pathways for our students:

Associate Degrees

CISCO Networking track ACBSP Accredited

Programming option ACBSP Accredited

Bachelor Degrees

CIS - Cybersecurity option | Recommended course sequence

CIS - Digital Forensics option

CIS - Networking option ACBSP Accredited

CIS - Programming option ACBSP Accredited

cybersecurity-circleCIS-Cybersecurity Major

Businesses are straining to find experts who can protect their data, computers and networks from an array of threats.

To help meet that need, The University of Akron is offering a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems with a focus in cybersecurity.

We were the first public university in Ohio to offer a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems with a focus in cybersecurity, and among the first cybersecurity degree tracks in the U.S. to include courses in applied cryptography (the science of encrypting messages), which are typically offered at the graduate level.

Cybersecurity degree

Cracking the code of college: Cybersecurity student rewrites and unlocks himself at UA

Spencer Csaky

“Hackers” — those who delight in solving technological problems — spend a lot of time looking at computer code, often long repeating strings of 1s and 0s.

“Another number” is what Spencer Csaky, a self-described “hacker” (not to be confused with a cyber criminal), feared he would be if he enrolled at The University of Akron: one anonymous face among more than 20,000 students, streaming through campus like lines of impersonal code.

But there was a bug in the system — a surprise. Read more.

Minor Degree

Minor degrees will be awarded only at the time a student receives a baccalaureate degree and only if the overall GPA for the minor courses is at least 2.


Regional/Local Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco logoThe Cisco Networking Academy Program centers on teaching students to design, build, and maintain computer networks.

Students receive hands-on experience with state-of-the-art networking equipment to prepare them for the 21st century workplace.

The program also prepares students for the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam.