Careers in Biomedical Science and Biology

Foremost Advice:

Almost every potential employer we spoke with mentioned the following advice:

  • Experience is key. Gaining experience in your target field will do more than you can imagine for you and your resume. By interning, volunteering, and working in entry-level positions in your target field, you will gain the experience to know if this is where you want to be, as well as show your dedication and reliability to future employers.
  • Soft skills: Soft skills are teamwork, attention to detail, time management, organization, verbal and written communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, adaptability/flexibility, problem-solving/conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills. When choosing between potential candidates for employment, employers look for these skills to build better teams.
  • Proofread. When it comes to resumes and application materials, you want to put your best foot forward. Your spelling, grammar, and punctuation really matter. Take advantage of our Career Center for help with your resume and for connections to great opportunites.

Start with an Internship

Start a career in biomedical science with an internship. Internships are an amazing stepping stone to build the contacts you need within the medical community, and they may expand your horizons on potential career options.

Summa Health

Summa Health asks that all students interested in an internship complete a REDCap survery, which describes their education, research interests, availability, and experience. 

REDCap Survey

Summa may or may not have current internships, but will keep the student’s information on file. If there is a matching opportunity and an available faculty mentor at Summa, they will contact the student. Once a project and mentor for the student is identified, the student will be onboarded through both Human Resources and the Office of Research Administration. HR will require the students to complete orientation modules, complete a background check, health screening with immunizations, etc.

Akron Children's Hospital

All internships will be listed as paid positions on their careers site:

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