Radiography School Attendance Policy


The University of Akron’s Radiography program believes that its graduates should not only be academically and clinically competent, but also display high levels of responsibility through regular and reliable attendance.  The Student Radiographer’s clinical experience allows them to acquire, maintain, and refine their clinical skills.  Medical institutions rely on teamwork, cooperation, and attendance from their staff to be able to provide high quality services to their patients and their families.

Students Radiographers are expected to be at their assigned clinical stations and ready to begin their clinical experiences at their scheduled start time.  When a Student Radiographer realizes that they will be absent or late to that clinical assignment, the student must notify the program faculty in a timely manner.  This policy specifies the individual(s) to whom the Student Radiographer must report to and is not designed with punitive intentions, but rather to guide the Student Radiographer to develop responsible affective behaviors that are required in the medical field.

    A.    PERSONAL TIME-OFF (PTO) - At the start of the program all Student Radiographers will be given an account of twenty-one (21) hours of personal time off (PTO) for the fifteen (15) month Radiography program that may be scheduled for any desired time-off from their clinical assignments (this equates to three (3) days of clinical PTO).  PTO is not required any for didactic class hours (see course syllabi for didactic attendance requirements) or any UA-designated holidays or breaks.

    B.    ABSENCES - If a time-off request is not pre-approved it will be considered an absence.  An absence is defined as any unapproved time-off from a scheduled clinical assignment.  Absences will also be deducted from the student’s PTO bank.  Additionally, if a Radiography Student is sent home for a non-medical reason (e.g. behavioral, inappropriate attire, etc.), like any other situation PTO will be taken from your time bank and the incident will be classified as an absence.

    C.    TARDINESS (Late arrival) - The attendance policy also applies to being tardy.  If a Student Radiographer is not in their assigned clinical area at their scheduled time, they will be considered tardy and this time will also be deducted from their PTO bank.  Tardiness is also recorded the same as an absence.  In reference to corrective actions, any tardy event that is greater than thirty (30) minutes will be classified as an absence rather than a tardy.

    D.    PATTERN OF ABSENTEEISM OR TARDINESS - Patterns of absenteeism or tardiness may include, but are not limited to, unscheduled absences occurring on the same day of the week (e.g. mostly Fridays) or for the same assignment (e.g. days when you are assigned to surgery), before or after a scheduled day off, vacation, holidays or weekends.

    E.    HOLIDAYS - The UA Radiography program recognizes the following national holidays and breaks:
        1.    Martin Luther King Day (third Monday of January)
        2.    Presidents Day (third Tuesday of February)
        3.    Summer break (end of Spring semester to the beginning of Summer semester)
        4.    Independence Day (July 4th or it’s designated date)
        5.    Intersession break (end of Summer semester to the beginning of Fall semester)
        6.    Labor     Day (first Monday of September)
        7.    Thanksgiving recess (fourth Thursday through Monday of November)
        8.    Winter break (end of Fall semester to the beginning of Spring semester)


    A.    HOW TO SCHEDULE TIME-OFF - To request time-off from a clinical day(s) you must submit a Personal Time Request Form (the form must include the specific hours requested) or send an e-mail/phone message to your Clinical Instructor AND the Clinical Coordinator the day prior to your scheduled assignment.  The minimum amount of PTO that can be requested is thirty (30) minutes.

        1.    No Call/No Show - Students who do not provide timely prior notice of an absence will be issued corrective action for a “No Call/No Show”.  If a student has received a corrective action for attendance, upon a “No Call/No Show” they will move to the next corrective action step (e.g. if a student has received a first written warning for attendance, the first “No Call/No Show” would result in a final written warning.

    B.    PTO USAGE - The PTO time is used at the Student Radiographer’s discretion, but must be responsibly spread out over fifteen (15) month Radiography program.  However, remember when requesting PTO that all of Student Radiographer’s ARRT clinical competencies must be completed by the end of the program.  Any incomplete graduation tasks must be made up by that student after the normal conclusion of the program which could (a) delay their eligibility to take the ARRT certification examination, and (b) delay their ability to obtain post-graduation employment.

    C.    MEDICAL SITUATIONS - If a Radiography Student has to be sent home from their clinical assignment for a medical reason, PTO time will be deducted from their PTO account, but no absenteeism will be charged.

        1.    Certain medical conditions may require the student to see a physician to obtain a release prior to returning to their clinical setting.  This requirement is solely at the discretion of the CEC Employee Health Department who will review the information provided to determine if the student is capable of performing the essential functions of the program and decide whether and/or when the student may return to that clinical site.

        2.    If you call off to your Clinical Instructor AND your Clinical Coordinator a minimum of two (2) hours prior to the beginning of your clinical assignment, you will classified as being sick.

        3.    If you call off to your Clinical Instructor AND your Clinical Coordinator less than two (2) hours prior to the beginning of your clinical assignment, you will classified as being absent.

    D.    PTO TIME LIMITS - No less than thirty (30) minutes of PTO and no more than one (1) week of personal time may be requested at any time.

    E.    OVERTIME - While clinical assignments are based on a 7-hour/day, patient care is the highest priority.  If the student is in the middle of a complex or infrequently-seen procedure, it may be to the student’s advantage to complete that procedure.  Any time that the student acquires approved overtime it will be added to the student’s PTO time bank for later use.  However, the Student Radiographer must obtain permission from their Clinical Instructor or floor supervisor prior to getting into an overtime situation.  After they have completed that procedure the student is required to notify their Clinical Instructor or floor supervisor to verify their overtime.


    A.    EXCESSIVE ABSENTEEISM - Numerical limits are set on the total amount of absenteeism (includes tardy time) that a student may obtain during the fifteen (15) month program.  If the total amount of absenteeism reaches any of the following time levels, corrective actions will be taken:
        1.    10+ hours    Counseling
        2.    20+ hours    Written Warning
        3.    30+ hours    Final Written Warning
        4.    40+ hours    All time must be made up prior to graduation

    B.    EXCESSIVE TARDY INCIDENTS - Regardless of the length of a tardy event, numerical limits are set on the total number of tardy occurrences that a student may obtain during the fifteen (15) month program. If the total number of tardy occurrences reaches any of the following numbers, corrective actions will be taken:
        1.    5 tardy incidents    Counseling
        2.    10 tardy incidents    Written Warning
        3.    15 tardy incidents    Final Warning
        4.    20 tardy incidents    All time must be made up prior to graduation

    C.    CLOCKING IN/OUT - As a requirement of the U.S. Department of Education the program must document the amount of clinical time that Student Radiographers are present in the program.  Using the E-Value online system all students must clock in at the beginning of their clinical day and clock out at the end of their clinical day.  Failure to do so properly negatively affects their time records and must be manually be re-adjusted by the faculty to reflect their actual time in the program.

        1.    Failing to clock in/out - fifteen  (15) minutes/event will be deducted from the student’s PTO account


Absences due to an educationally-related injury, jury duty, bereavement leave, military leave, or weather conditions are not counted as violations of this policy and are not counted when determining what level of corrective action will be issued currently or in the future.

    A.    BEREAVEMENT LEAVE - The UA Radiography Program provides time off to all Radiography students to arrange for and attend the funeral or memorial service of an immediate family member (see definitions below of an Immediate family).  Proof of relationship to the deceased may be required.  The student may also elect to use additional PTO time from their personal time bank if more than twenty-four (24) hours are needed.  Absences which are part of bereavement leave must be no more than three (3) consecutive days with one of the absent days being the day of the funeral, memorial, or other service.  For example:

        1.    Bereavement example #1 - If the funeral service is to be held on Wednesday, the student may take bereavement on:
            a.    Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
            b.    Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
            c.    Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
        2.    Bereavement example #2 - If the memorial service is to be held on Saturday, the student may take bereavement on:
            a.    Thursday & Friday
            b.    Friday alone
            c.    Monday alone
        3.    Immediate family is defined as:
            a.    spouse (24-hours)
            b.    child (natural, adopted, or step-child) (24-hours)
            c.    parent (natural or step-parent) (24-hours)
            d.    spouse’s parent (24-hours)
            e.    brother or sister (24-hours)
            f.    step-brother or step-sister (24-hours)

            g.    grandchildren (24-hours)
            h.    grandparent (8-hours)

    B.    JURY DUTY - Full-time Student Radiographers are exempt from jury duty while in the program.  If you receive a notice to serve on jury duty you must immediately notify the Program Director who will provide full-time educational documentation to that particular court.  With this documentation, the court will temporarily excuse the student from jury duty until after that student graduates from the program.  Failure to contact the Program Director immediately may result in a bench warrant for a student who fails to report for jury duty as required.

    C.    MILITARY LOA - A military Leave of Absence (LOA) is granted to Student Radiographers who enlist, are drafted or are recalled to active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Reservists and National Guardsmen are granted time off to participate in mandatory encampments.  However, Reservist or National Guard Student Radiographers must submit a written request for time off and present orders at least four (4) weeks prior to camp.  Since the Student Radiographer is responsible for scheduling themselves for their own personal time off, it is the student’s responsibility to assure that there are no scheduling conflicts between the program and their military assignments.

    D.    WEATHER EMERGENCIES - Extreme weather conditions sometimes prevent the Student Radiographer from attending the program.  The following guidelines have been established to assist the Student Radiographer in reference to those situations:

        1.    If a Clinical Instructor determines that the weather is degrading, they may send the students at that CEC home early.

        2.    Like all other absences, Student Radiographers who feel they are unable to report to their clinical assignments because of the weather must contact their Clinical Instructor as well as the Clinical Coordinator.

    E.    EMERGENCY SITUATIONS - In emergency situations limited staffing may require the hospital organization to seek additional help.  Student Radiographers may voluntarily do offer to help the Radiology Department in any capacity during this time.  The time provided will be added to the student’s PTO account.  This is strictly a voluntary role and the student has the full right & support of the program to decline if offered a position.

Last revision date:    March/2018
Last review date:    March/2018