This is where Zips emerge, determined to lead lives of significance. Here, you become part of a true, connected community of earnest, hard-working people. You receive an education with real-world application, so that you're ready to pursue a meaningful career. And through it all, you keep rising.


University of Akron student Joel Mcmullen outdoors on campus

“The School of Nursing faculty are extremely knowledgeable in various specialties and provide information for real life applications and situations.”

— Joel
Nursing major
Tallmadge, OH

University of Akron student Alyson Pekkola in a classroom

“UA is located in the heart of the city where students are given the opportunity to learn and grow alongside real, passionate, and hardworking people outside of the classroom.”

— Alyson
International business major
Broadview Heights, OH

University of Akron student Dennis outdoors on campus

“People are kind here. I didn’t know anyone in Akron when I came, so I was meeting all new people. Campus is so welcoming.”

Mechanical engineering major
Wayne, MI

Aim high, then raise the bar.

What we make at The University of Akron holds up under pressure. It lifts us all. As an Akron Zip, you’ll join a community that climbs higher together. At The University of Akron, everyone rises.