Disability-Related Housing Accommodations

Requests for accommodations related to University Residence Life and Housing should be completed through the New Student Application.

In order for accommodation requests to be considered for housing assignments, students must submit documentation of a current impairment(s) that substantially limits a major life activity. This documentation should be submitted via the New Student Application as soon as possible, preferably at the time the Housing Contract is submitted to the Department of Residence Life and Housing.

The Office of Accessibility will determine whether the current impairment qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act and whether or not reasonable housing accommodations are warranted. Final decisions regarding specific accommodations and how they will be implemented will be made after consultation between the Director of Residence Life and Housing and the Director of the Office of Accessibility or their designees.

Things to Remember for Disability-Related Housing Accommodation Requests

1. Complete the housing application and send it to the Department of Residence Life and Housing. You can obtain a housing application on the Web site.

    Department of Residence Life and Housing
    The University of Akron
    302 Buchtel Common
    Akron, OH 44325-1401

    2. Have an appropriate treating professional complete the Disability-Related Housing Accommodations Request Form. Upload the completed form to the New Student Application.

    • Students requesting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) must adhere to the ESA Procedure which can be viewed here. Students requesting this accommodation must have their qualified treating professional complete the Documentation Verification for Emotional Support Animals and follow the review and intake process prior to bringing their ESA on campus. 

    3. Once completed documentation is received, the Office of Accessibility will send a letter explaining the next step.