Frequently Asked Questions from Students

How do I get services from your office?

The process is explained in our brochure and on our Web site, but you begin by providing us with documentation of your disability from a qualified professional.

Will I receive the same accommodations/services that I received in high school?

Many things differ from high school to college. Not all students who received services in high school are eligible for services in college. Those who do qualify for accommodations/services may have some that are similar to those received in high school, while others may be quite different. Examples of reasonable accommodations at UA are listed in our brochure and may include scanned textbooks or the use of a tape recorder in the classroom.

What kind of documentation do I need to provide? (For students who are not right out of high school.)

We have a form for you to give to the professional currently treating you. It asks for the specific information required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA guidelines require that your impairment represent a current substantial limitation to a major life activity, and in higher education, this major life activity is learning. After we receive the documentation, we will ask you to come in and meet with us.

Are there "special education" classes at The University of Akron?

Students with disabilities will be enrolled in the same classes as students who do not have disabilities. Eligible students will receive "reasonable accommodations" designed to provide equal access to their education. "Course modifications" do not occur at the University.

Does the Office of Accessibility have scholarships for students with disabilities?

All students need to apply for all scholarships through the Office of Student Financial Aid and Student Employment. The Office of Accessibility does provide a resource referral list titled "Links," at the left side of the page.

Will your office provide tutoring for me?

Tutoring is available for all students at The University of Akron through Tutorial Services. Tutoring is not an accommodation provided specifically for students with disabilities.

Will the Office of Accessibility help me schedule for classes?

Scheduling for classes is done by meeting with an advisor in the Academic Advisement Center or your degree- granting college. After you are admitted to The University of Akron, you will be required to attend New Student Orientation. During Orientation you will meet with an academic advisor who will help you select your classes. In future semesters you will meet with an academic advisor prior to scheduling. Your disability specialist from the Office of Accessibility will meet with you to talk about how your accommodations in the classroom will be applied.

How do I get accommodations for the placement tests that I may take during New Student Orientation?

Contact Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation’s Placement Testing Services at (330) 972-6511 to request accommodations for the placement tests.