Applied Politics Certificate

Applied Politics Certificate

About the Certificate

The Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics and the Department of Political Science have combined to offer a certificate program in Applied Politics for graduate students.

The certificate program in Applied Politics offers course work in the history, organization and management of campaigns intended to influence the outcome of political decisions.

Working from a set of core courses, students are allowed to concentrate in the area of applied politics of greatest interest--campaigns, communications, lobbying, political parties, etc. Believing that democracy is best served by having active and informed citizens, the certificate is designed for all students, no matter what their degree program as long as they have a deep interest in practical politics.

  • Open to all graduate students majoring in any discipline at The University of Akron
  • Must fill out an application with The Bliss Institute
  • See flyer for more information

Contact Information

Dr. Steve Brooks
Associate Director