A polymer researcher in a virtual reality lab


What makes us great

  • 100% of CPSPE students are employed within one year of graduation. 
  • UA is the only university in the world to offer graduate programs in both polymer science and polymer engineering.
  • Polymer faculty research has resulted in more than 300 issued and pending patents and helped launch more than two dozen regional startup businesses.
  • Three CPSPE professors — Drs. Shi-Qing Wang, Li Jia and and Mesfin Tsige — were awarded grants from the National Science Foundation, totaling more than $1 million, in spring 2019. Their research projects range from bio-renewable polymers and computer simulation and educational experiences for students to new plastics that enable a circular economy for replacement of current plastics.
  • CPSPE faculty were awarded federal research grants totaling nearly $4 million between April and August 2018 — supporting research ranging from the design of new materials inspired by a bird’s nest to the development of treatment strategies for multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders.
  • The National Polymer Innovation Center, one of three research and testing centers in the CPSPE, is at the leading edge of polymer advanced manufacturing, developing novel solutions to industry challenges and supporting research for national laboratories and the CPSPE.
  • College alumni include more than 25 company presidents, more than 30 CEOs, more than 30 company vice presidents, and more than 90 directors — as well as more than 90 professors.