Student Success Seminar

About the course

This elective course (1100:101) is designed to help new students transition from high school or work to the college environment. The two-credit seminar covers:

  1. Transitioning to the Campus Community - Learn about the campus resources, academic skills, attitudes, and habits of mind necessary to achieve educational and personal goals and become a part of the academic community. Have the opportunity to interact with fellow students, faculty, and staff to build a community of academic and personal support.
  2. Developing Learning Skills - Learn how to actively and effectively set goals and manage time. Develop critical and creative thinking, study and note-taking skills, as well as research, writing, and test-taking strategies. Using computing resources such as Springboard, My Akron, DARS, and UA email.
  3. Building Academic Awareness - Gain a better understanding of the curriculum, academic standards and faculty expectations, major and course options, library and tutoring resources, and academic policies and procedures. Develop academic, social and personal "survival skills" that contribute to academic success.
  4. Discovering The University of Akron - Learn about the campus layout, student services, involvement opportunities (e.g., student organizations and service learning), UA history, and the greater Akron community.