SRWS Facility Reservation Page

Our staff is eager to assist you in planning your event in our facility. Please review the steps to begin your reservation process below.

If you belong to a student organization, you must submit your request through OrgSync. UA departments and outside organizations should use the following procedure.

First Steps

Step 1 Step 1:  Fill out a Facility Request Form completely.
Step 2 Step 2:  Requester will be contacted about the possibility of hosting their event at the SRWC/ONAT.

Please feel free to contact our Associate Director at nweber@uakron.edu or 330-972-5972 if you have any further questions.

SRWS reserves the right to determine space allocations for any event.  Completion of this form does not guarantee request will be granted. Events are not confirmed until a facility agreement has been signed by the requester and returned to SRWS event coordinator.

Details of the event will be discussed and a decision will be made on whether the event can be held with us. To find out more, please visit our participant policy page.

Advance Notice
Requests for the use of the SRWC/ONAT by registered student groups, university organizations and university Departments/Colleges must be made a minimum of two-weeks before the date of the planned event.

For community events or larger events, a minimum of four weeks advance notice is required.