News: Upcoming Parking Lot Closures and Events

Parking updates through April 3rd 

  • Lot 2 and Lot 13, at the JAR Arena, will be closed on Friday, March 31, 2017, due to the Northeast Ohio Spring College Fair. All vehicles must vacate the posted area by 11:00 PM, on Thursday, March 30, 2017, or face towing at owners' expense. Alternate parking will be available in Lot 1, Lot 9, and Lot 10.
  • Lot 28, at E.J. Thomas Hall, will be closed at noon (12:00 PM), on Friday, March 31, 2017. All vehicles must vacate the posted area by 4:00 PM that day. Alternate parking is available in Lot 26, Lot 29, and Lot 45.

Winter Lot Closings

Effective Saturday, December 24th several parking lots will be closed for the duration of the winter season. These closures will help prevent lot degradation by snow plows and will also reduce the cost of snow removal. Listed below are the areas that will be closing, along with alternative parking lots near each location.

  • Lot 71, the upper level of the Administrative Services Building (ASB) Parking Deck. Only the accessible parking spaces will remain available in the upper portion of the lot. Alternate parking will be available in Lot 71 (the lower level), Lot 30, Lot 40, and Lot 45. Additionally, the DASH shuttle stops on Mill Street directly in front of ASB, and can be utilized to get to or from this location.
  • Lot 5, the Wheeler Street Lot near the tennis courts. Alternate parking is available in Lot 1, Lot 10, and Lot 36.
  • Lot 9B, located at the intersection of Spicer Street and Exchange Street. Alternate parking is available in Lot 1, Lot 8, and Lot 10.
  • Lot 32, the former Ballet Center parking lot on Fir Hill Street. Alternate parking is available in Lot 12, Lot 35, and Lot 50.

We will notify campus when the lots reopen in the spring. Anyone needing assistance in finding alternative parking should contact the Parking and Transportation Services office at 330-972-7213 or

Be Prudent and Help Reduce Campus Thefts

Theft on college campuses is often a crime of opportunity — somebody takes advantage of an unattended cell phone, an unlocked door or a laptop visible in the window of a parked car.

Please help yourself by taking an extra moment to secure your belongings:

  • In the library, if you step away from your table, take your laptop with you.
  • Lock the door to your dorm room, even if you only intend to leave for a minute.
  • In the Recreation and Wellness Center, lock your items in one of the locker room lockers.
  • In your car, tuck items of value out of sight. Do not leave money, electronics, etc. within view.
  • Resident students and overnight parkers should relocate their vehicles every few days.

The University aggressively pursues those caught stealing. Last year, all students who were found responsible for theft were suspended by the University, while nonstudents charged with theft were aggressively sent through the criminal justice system.

UA will continue to do its part to help reduce the occurrences of theft. Please do your part by being thoughtful about how you store your belongings.

Roo Express Bus Tracking System

The University of Akron’s Parking and Transportation Services Department has added a GPS system to the Roo Express shuttle buses that provides real-time location data. Students, faculty, staff and visitors can use a computer or mobile device to track the Roo Express Shuttle bus at any of the bus stops on and around campus!

DoubleMap App features:

· View buses in real time on the map and know when your bus will arrive.

· View specific routes and associated stops.

· Allows you to easily identify the buses with color coded bus routes and abbreviated route letters.

· Announcements concerning shuttle delays, cancellation of service due to weather, re-routing or changes in route stops can be viewed easily.

· Compatible with smartphones (FREE app), laptops and desktops.

· Easily submit feedback on services or technical issues.


For information regarding DoubleMap visit or email us at

Please contact Parking and Transportation Services for additional information at


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