Parking updates through May 13th

  • Elevator B1 in the South Campus Parking Deck, one of the elevators in the elevator bank closest to Exchange street, is out of service for repairs. It will be returned to service as soon as possible. 
  • Lot 18, the lot at the Student Union, will be closed Thursday evening at 11pm and will remain closed through Friday, May 6th for Spring Fest. Alternate parking is available in Lot 36, Lot 37, and Lot 39.
  • The Roo Express will move the Student Union Stop up Carroll Street on Friday, May 6th due to the Lot 18 The Roo will use lower Lot 18, the lot on the West side of the Student Union to turn around.
  • Lot 6 and Lot 10, will be partially closed Friday, May 6th, for an UA Founders Day event. Alternative parking will be available in Lot 8 and Lot 1.
  • Lot 34 will be partially closed the evening of Friday, May 6th.   Half of Lot 34 will remain closed Saturday and Sunday for the SAE team. Alternate parking will be available in Lot 36 and Lot 39.
  • Lot 22 next to Bulger Hall will have an officer directing traffic May 11th through the 13th to assist with move out traffic. Alternate paring will be available in Lot 26.
  • Lot 6 will be partially closed May 13th for a Law Advancement meeting. Alternative parking will be available in Lot 9 and Lot 10.

The Roo Express Circulator Route will not make a stop at the JAR location due to construction at the turn around circle. This change to this route will continue until further notice.

Contact Parking and Transportation Services for additional details

Roo Express Bus Tracking System

The University of Akron’s Parking and Transportation Services Department has added a GPS system to the Roo Express shuttle buses that provides real-time location data. Students, faculty, staff and visitors can use a computer or mobile device to track the Roo Express Shuttle bus at any of the bus stops on and around campus!

DoubleMap App features:

· View buses in real time on the map and know when your bus will arrive.

· View specific routes and associated stops.

· Allows you to easily identify the buses with color coded bus routes and abbreviated route letters.

· Announcements concerning shuttle delays, cancellation of service due to weather, re-routing or changes in route stops can be viewed easily.

· Compatible with smartphones (FREE app), laptops and desktops.

· Easily submit feedback on services or technical issues.


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