We're getting ready to announce the 2016 Common Reading selection! Check back soon and keep an eye out for an email announcing the book, author, and speaker date.

About the Common Reading Program

The Common Reading Committee chooses the Common Reading selection each year. The committee is comprised of staff and faculty representing the interests of areas that include First Year Experience, Akron Experience Courses, English, Political Science, Psychology, Service Learning, & Communications. First-year students read the book, and faculty members infuse its themes into general-education course curricula throughout the first year.

The goals of the Common Reading Program include the following. 

  • To select a book that interests a variety of students from different backgrounds, majors, and experiences
  • To select a book that is students find engaging enough to read outside of required coursework
  • To provide an introduction to the expectations of higher education
  • To encourage students to read beyond textbooks
  • To create a foundation for students to explore values and ethics
  • To raise awareness and tolerance of intergenerational and cultural likenesses and differences
  • To promote academic discourse and critical thinking
  • To create a sense of community among incoming students
  • To integrate an academic and social experience into the campus community

Purchase your copy from UA's on-campus Barnes and Noble bookstore online in the Student Union, in the Polsky Building or at Wayne College.